Joshua Walker


A disillusioned CHIEF OF STAFF for banks, young(er) Joshua wrote a regular blog on life in London, before being approached to write freelance articles for the likes of THE GAY UK, THE GAY TIMES, QX MAGAZINE and the MAIL ONLINE during his spare time.

This was Joshua’s first exposure to PR (an abbreviation he originally thought meant Press Relations) and those people who claimed to work within it. They tended to be a shoddy bunch – acting haughty and ‘put out’ – slow at sending over the press releases and photo credits he needed to get their CLIENTS copy - and generally disinterested

Inspired by Joshua’s creativity, and his keenness, some of the businesses he worked with on articles asked if he could help with their PR. After a little persuading, he agreed, knowing he had the contacts and the ‘out-of-the box’ thinking to really offer results to CLIENTS – the rest is history (and banking lost some sparkle).

Loves: Lola ‘Felicia’ his 4lb chihuahua, double espresso, sparkling water and Nico DiDonna.

Hates: Buying off the peg, nonsense and ugly shoes.

Georgia Smith


Georgia is a relic at JOSHUA WALKER PR, having worked at the COMPANY since its earliest days. She has a degree in HISTORY from The University of Sussex and throughout her studying, interned at various PR and PUBLISHING AGENCIES.

Likes: Hot holidays, good food, going to the gym (most mornings at 6am – yes, she is also a little mad), and a crisp glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Dislikes: Bacon, bad teeth and men in ill-fitting suits.

Rianne Mason


As CLIENT ACCOUNTS ASSISTANT Rianne is Georgia’s right-hand woman and helps to ensure everything runs smoothly! She has just graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a degree in Events Management with Tourism. Rianne has lived and worked in America (Both Florida & NY) for a year, as well as various other placements within the events industry.

Likes: Iced Coffee (the best drink ever), Sunbathing, my favourite Bobbi Brown Lipstick and Lemon Drop Martini’s.

Dislikes: The snow, rude people, not being able to choose an outfit (most mornings) and cats.

Ashleigh Tuttle


Ashleigh has worked as a MULTIMEDIA JOURNALIST, with her main experience consisting of radio broadcasting. She has recently moved to the London area, from the glorious fields of King’s Lynn in Norfolk. She has a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Nottingham Trent University.

Likes: Cheese (oh my God, cheese is the best), chocolate, singing (others would say cat-wailing), animals (except my ratbag cat Mowgli who’s very mean to me), the beach, hot weather (sob, sob, when living in London) and lots and lots of mascara.

Dislikes: Not having any mascara, exercise of any kind, when my hair gets stuck in my bag strap, alarm clocks and the rain.

Billy Hai


Billy join's us as an SOCIAL MEDIA EXECUTIVE from a global business where he oversaw digital projects focusing on developing and implementing a social strategy as well as Identifying and implementing growth strategies and engagement tactics to build high-integrity relationships and foster brand advocacy. He carries an arsenal of design skills which include; Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Final Cut Pro which allows him to develop and utilise content. Additionally, he always likes a good conversation around how emerging technology will change the industry.

Likes: football, sneakers enthusiast, street wear fashion, contemporary art and travelling.

Dislikes: Slow walkers, celery and irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps (trypophobia - makes me shiver!)