Our Approach

PR is not a standalone exercise - so our work sphere incorporates a range of marketing activities from Social Media management, celebrity endorsements and events; online press, Digital Marketing, SEO; to videography, photography and graphic design.

Not Your Typical PR Agency

We have ripped up the PR rule book:

  • No fixed contracts – if we want to keep you we have to make you happy!
  • Affordable fees – we work with small, growing businesses – we have to fit their budget. Prices start from £450 a month.
  • Focus on sales vs vanity – glossy, pretty pieces are nice but bums on seats and the ringing of tills is better!
  • Full service marketing – from digital marketing, videography, branding and graphic design - we are whiz kids at the full marketing mix.
  • No limits – we have successes from across a range of sectors – from technology, hospitality and beauty, to celebrity, fitness and medical.

Our approach as ex-journalists

As a team of ex-journalists we approach PR differently to traditional ‘PRs’. We look at where we can fit our clients into the current press appetites, rather than the other way around.

In this way, we work with journalists – giving them the stories they need to keep their editors happy (no matter how wacky – in fact, the wackier the better!) – in turn securing coverage for our clients. With a little black book - we have journo buddies who owe us a few favours – and it helps that we have a few celeb pals too!)


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Kind Words

Some very kind words from our lovely clients, thank you!
  • Meet Joshua and you will see why JWPR is extraordinary, finally found someone honest in the crazy world of PR!
    Omid Tehrani
  • ''such fun with Joshua Walker PR, tea dates with celebrities and awesome coverage! thanks to the team, just our cup of tea!''
    Betty Blythe Tea Room
  • “If your heart beats to the tunes of the city, progressive thinking is your tune, and the sound of indie pop, you need a chap who can read your mind before the thought has popped into your mind. J and his team at JW are just that, and a heck of a lot more. If not now…when?”
    Christian Kaberg
    St Pancras Hotels Group
  • I love working with the team at JWPR - they deliver great press, come up with fresh ideas and keep my business relevant and exciting.  A pleasure to have on my side!
  • We started working with Joshua Walker and our account manager Georgia, last year. In the past we have worked with different PR firms, however, it became apparent very quickly that this team could deliver what they promised at a record speed. Within a couple of months their out of the box thinking landed us on every news station in the US, and radio stations were calling from across the globe! As crazy as that seems it was true, they bring a crazy and fresh approach to PR. You just have to trust them. Georgia, who I was in contact with almost daily, helped so much - we didn't have the know how to write content and she was always right on it in a professional manner.
  • I love what JWPR has done for my profile and business. They have a firm grasp of the commercial necessity of good media coverage, they make the process creative and easy and I feel they have all corners, and my back, covered.
    Carol Ann Rice
    Real Coaching Co
  • Joshua Walker PR are a true pleasure to work with, professional whilst retaining a caring & thoughtful mindset - my social media presence has come along in leaps & bounds since I started working with them, which has translated into more website traffic & Instagram/Facebook likes.
    Sara Doone
    Intuitive Path Finder
  • The TEAM at JOSHUA WALKER PR are a breath of fresh air to deal with - they are fast, fun & really committed to your success! Highly Recommended!
    Sarah Mcallister
    Feng Shui Agency
  • JOSHUA WALKER PR did a fantastic job helping create a buzz around our launch party, inviting celebrities and members of the press. We ended up getting featured in THE DAILY MAIL, TIME OUT LONDON and many more. Highly professional agency with a strong work ethic. Would recommend
  • JOSHUA WALKER PR is without doubt a game changer, they are innovative, trustworthy, professional, and have allowed my business to multiply in ways I could not have imagined. They listened to my needs, created a compelling vision and managed to rapidly grow sales and customer engagement. Unfortunately, I have had PR before, and I found previous work to be all talk, no delivery. If you want exposure, sales, growth and expansion for yourself and your company - book them now!
    Gary Amers
    Amers Coaching
  • JOSHUA WALKER PR made bold claims – and as a seasoned business man (30 years in the hospitality business), I was sceptical. Yet, the results speak for themselves. Josh took the time to understand my business and delivered exactly what I asked for. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him – and will be using him to launch our next venue!
    Eric Yu
    The Breakfast Group
  • I love Joshua and his team. He is very upfront and honest – and has his finger on the pulse as to what will capture the attention of the press and ultimately the  public. I’m also continually impressed with how well-connected he is.
    Susan Hepburn Clinics
  • JOSHUA WALKER PR have enabled our business to get ahead of the competition and provided opportunities of excellent PR from Day one.  They are driven and committed and really understand how our business works, providing constant feedback and support.  We have benefitted from articles in the DAILY MAIL, GRAZIA and the AESTHETIC JOURNAL among others.  Their professionalism and expertise is refreshing and welcome.
    Dr Joney De Souza Skin & Laser Clinic